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Bold Fine Cabinetry is a purveyor of finesse, character, and craftsmanship that excels. We craft the cabinets that you desire at prices that won’t hurt your pockets. With craftsmen who are experts in their industry, we have we have been providing beautiful kitchens, vanity cabinets, closets and more, to clients in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, we have gained a fantastic reputation for the excellent service and the quality of products we offer.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, so there’s no better way to bring joy to a home than through fine-quality kitchen cabinets. Bold Fine Cabinetry caters to all your kitchen needs with inventive, stylish and pragmatic kitchen cabinet designs. Whatever look you’re after, we can create the desired effect, ensuring that the heart of your home is a place to be proud of.

Give your bathroom the centerpiece it deserves. Our beautifully crafted Bold Fine vanity cabinets come in a wide variety of styles to suit every aesthetic. As the centre of attention in the bathroom, they are visually appealing and functional. Packing all your bathroom bits into cavernous compartments is never a chore – our well thought out designs can accommodate all you spatial needs.

Choosing an outfit should be a pleasure, not a chore, and that’s exactly what Bold Fine Cabinetry guarantees with our custom-designed walk-in closets. We design to fit the home you live in so that you have space to move in and enjoy, regardless of the size of the closet. Every inch is utilized to maximize functionality and minimize waste.

Looking stunning in the middle of any family room, our units find a balance between finessed finishing and a high-level of functionality to ensure solid use every single day. When you are trying to kick back and relax, you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your wall or entertainment unit. Bold Fine Cabinetry units take the stress away so that you can enjoy movies and games in peace.

Bold Fine Cabinetry can provide accessories to crank up the usability of space in your home. Sometimes renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom is too much hassle or prohibitively expensive, but our accessories can improve the look and feel of your home without sacrificing great amounts of time or money. From cupboard mounts, sliding draws and hinges to organizers and wine racks – whatever your needs be, we have them covered.

We produce the best quality cabinets to fit seamlessly into any room in the house. Our cabinet makers and installers use their many years of experience to ensure that the quality of their work is of the highest caliber. Our cabinets can be made with a variety of hard and soft woods, as well as synthetic materials to recreate the finish that best fits your needs.

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